Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Met the mentor and classmates tonight

Tonight's web cam session was the first time our class (16 students) got to meet our mentor (Paul Allen) and each other. It was great to see and meet the people we will be learning with for the next 3 months. Paul seems very laid back and cool, but when it comes down to getting the work done...its business, as it should be. We have students in our class from all walks of life it seems. Some are beginners, some have gone to school for it already like myself, some have been doing something totally different but have decided to chase their childhood dream, and one student already has 4.5 years of industry experience including work on commercials, tv animation, and feature films (Jurassic Park). She said she wants to learn a better work flow than what she is used too. So thats cool. I don't have a whole lot to say about tonight because it was all about introductions. The excitement and energy amongst everyone is awesome! It makes my smile just that much bigger.


Deltron said...

Sounds like this should be good for ya.

Why though are you wearing a Red Sox hat, GOOOOOOO Angels.

Sheldon Kruger said...

Oh I think it will definitely be good for me. The picture was taken at Fenway at a Red Sox game.

Aaron Paetz said...

C'mon! I want to see something MOVE!... Heh, heh.... I really do want to see some visuals man... (post some old stuff maybe?) I'm excited to see.

katzenjammer studios said...


really happy for you man. glad your continuing through animation mentor. I hear nothing but great things. keep it up buddy. I'll be frequenting your blog.


MatthewLong said...

Hey Sheldon, when are we going to get to see something? Can't wait to see the work you begin to churn out.

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