Friday, April 13, 2007

Class 1 - Week 2

Hello Good Peoples,

For this weeks assignment the big thing was to just go out and observe people and study their postures, and the way they did things. We had to do some simple sketches of people we saw. So I went to the university here on Monday and Wednesday and just sketched. But what I really loved was just observing what people do. I honestly never thought I would get so excited about seeing a person set down a can of pop. Now you think that I am off my rocker completely don't you?...Maybe I am. But seriously...when I watched this guy set the can down between his legs onto the floor....I saw something awesome! As the can neared the floor, his fingers just slightly released pressure and the can slid the last .5" to the floor, his fingers were just merely guides pretty much at that point. When I saw that....I began to smile because that is one of those little things that we naturally do without knowing it. I'm sure you can relate. Its those little things that I need to incorporate into my animation to help give it life and believability.

I also watched two people having a conversation. The little things and motions they did with their hands was amazing to watch. Well it was amazing to me. :)

The rest of our assignment for this week is to then pose a 3D character out in the computer of our favorite sketches. I will post those eventually....I promise. Some of you have been requesting visuals, and I will get them for you in a couple days. I will do my best to not make you read all the time.

So if you ever need a person to animate a character setting down a pop can. You know who to contact.

Thank you :)


John said...

Dude, your not crazy. It's funny because we all get so caught up in the speed of life and jobs and mundane tasks that we forget to see the smaller things. Even reading your post reminded me of times when I would observe people and have the same reaction you did. In fact, reading your post has made me want to do so. Visuals or not your posts will be awesome. As is this one.

Miyuki Kanno said...

Hey Sheldon, that's really neat! I have been told to observe people and analyze it from my internship. It is so important! It's great to hear how you were so excited about that, and it gave me motivations to go out and actually analyze more. I love the idea how your mentor told you guys to put the pose in 3D models. Anyway, great post, I will be looking forward to hear what you have learned from here!

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