Thursday, April 19, 2007

I introduce to you...... Stu!

Alright, well "Stu" isn't too exciting right now, because he's just leaning up against that trash can. I promise though, eventually he will get more exciting to watch, along with some of his relatives...oh yes...he has relatives that we will be using too.

Stu is the character that we were given to create our favorite pose from the sketches we did. So this is actually last weeks assignment that has already been graded. My mentor was really pleased with it. (Yes!!!) I got my first e-Critique this week. An e-Critique is a video that is in a split screen view. On the one side we can see and hear our mentor talking, and on the other side we can see him drawing over top of our work to show us exactly what we did right, and of course the areas or parts we need to improve on. His only critique for this was a little thing with the right foot which I already fixed. I was really happy with the way my first assignment went.

This week I am working on another pose, and a ball bounce. Yes!!!! I am actually animating now. Its only a bouncing ball...but its animating. :) Its a little weird though, because its a ball bounce with no squash and stretch. Squash and stretch is one of the 12 fundamentals in animation. This week we were only learning about ease ins, and ease outs. I think next week is squash and stretch. Anyways, I will save that all for you next time.

In case some of you don't know, always right below one of my postings there will be a little area that says comments, which you can click on. Please feel free to leave one of your own about my work...or just to say hi, or even just to read what some others have said. You don't have too, only if you want too. :)

Thank You.


John said...

Hey Sheldon,
I like the pose a lot, I can see a personality in it. Looking forward to seeing more. After seeing your excitement and involvement I had to go to animation mentor and check it out...I ended up signing up for the Animation Mentor Newsletter which actually has some really great articles. Keep up the great work Sheldon.

MatthewLong said...

Hey Sheldon, nice pose test. Looks natural and has weight, amazing how much personality you can get out of a basic model and rig with a good pose.

Sheldon Kruger said...

Hey John,
Thank you for your comments. Thats cool you signed up for the Animation Mentor newsletter. Hey, I think the deadline for signing up for the summer term at AM is May 18. Just saying... :)

Hey Matt,
Yeah, I worked on this pose quite a bit to get it just right. It was well worth it. I appreciate your comments and checking in on my progress.

John said...

Yeah, I was looking at the class dates. It would be lots of fun but I'm a little strapped for $$ as it were.

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