Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Done class 4! Now bring on class 5!

Hey Everyone!

My 4th class came to an end last week. It was an awesome term and I really feel like my animation skills stepped up another notch. Its a great feeling! The lectures, my mentor, and classmates were absolutely awesome.

So now its on to class 5 which is titled Short Film Preproduction. My new mentors name is Cal Brunker. He is a film/video director and story artist currently working at a studio in Toronto, Canada. The most recent project he was apart of was "Horton Hears a Who!" from Blue Sky Studios in New York. Last night we had our first Q and A and he really eased my mind about coming up with a good idea for my short film. He just seemed so chill and relaxed, which made me relax and realize...just have have fun with it. There are 10 students in the class. Nine from the United States, and one...from Canada. =)

Only six more months and I'm done!!! Then we'll see what happens. I have a secret "wish list" of studios I am hoping get a job at. But for that to become a reality, I have to keep pushing myself. The snow hasn't even completely melted away yet here, and I already know my summer is done. I can't wait to get a social life back once I get a job. =) I just know this hard work is going to pay off.

I am still finishing up my last assignment from class 4, and will post it on my blog hopefully within the next month sometime. It felt wrong to be posting on here today and not rewarding you with any visuals. So I whipped something up really quick, just for fun. Its basically me as a maple leaf still having a great time up in Canada, with my animation mentor experience. Its nothing much at all, but its something. =)

Thank you!



Sal Lopez said...

Sheldon! I saw no post so I had to.

Awesome stuff man, you're animations are getting better every week bradda. Keep pushing on and still warm up there on America's hat!

Ducks to win Stanley Cup Again!

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thanks Sal for filling the void. Ha ha. I appreciate your compliments. And "America's Hat"...its the coolest hat around! =)

I don't agree with your Ducks comment at all. =) Go Calgary Flames!!!!!

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