Monday, February 11, 2008

Found out I have a twin brother!!!

Hey Everyone!

Yup!! You read correctly! He even helped me film my video reference for my next animation. Let me explain a little about my scene, it has 2 characters: A guy who thinks he's smooth with ladies, and a sarcastic female working a concession stand.

NOTE: She gives him a bag of ice. You need that tidbit to get the joke. =)

CLICK HERE to see it, my twin, and of course the usual appearance of Jade, my reference video recording buddy. =)

Alright, alright...I don't really have a twin a brother, or a brother at all, but with a little video composition looks like I do. =)

The line I am using that you heard is from the movie Super Troopers.

So after all my planning, I got into the computer and did a first pass of rough blocking with my two characters.

to see it.

I also did another face pose study like you saw in my last post.

Well, that pretty much sums up to where I am at in my animation studies. A lot of visuals this time, and not much of me rambling on. =)

Thank you for stopping by!


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