Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh man......I am fired up!

Hey Everyone!

This is a post to purely try and explain how excited I am about this next class. My new mentors name is Michelle Meeker. Just a few of the more well known films she has worked on are:

Shrek (Dreamworks)
Antz (Dreamworks)
Lord of the Rings : Return of the King (Weta Digital)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Weta Digital),
A Bugs Life (Pixar)
Geris Game (Pixar)

So as you can see, she definitely has the experience and talent. One day I tell you.....I will have a list of movies too. :)

We had our first Q and A today and I think with her enthusiasm to teach, combined with the sense of energy amongst my classmates...there is going to be some serious learning going on. Students in my class (16) this term come from 9 different countries...Australia, Greece, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, Russian Federation, :) We all speak it works!

Well, I am going get some rest because I have a lot of work to do tomorrow....including filming reference. Don't worry, I will put it up here soon so you can see my goofy ways. :)

Plus I have a hockey game to watch tomorrow. Go Calgary! :)

Thank You!



Anonymous said...

Go sheldonnnnn!!:)
congratulationsss on completing class 2 and have loads of fun in class 3 too!:) totally enjoying going through yr blogs and class 2 reel.
am sure u'll have your own list of movies to name very sooon:)
cheers and hv a rocking class 3!

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thank you for following my progress Ushma! I hope you're still planning to come back to AM....?

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Sheldon! Oh man were we gonna be in the same class?! Aw shoot. But hey, sounds like you got quite the prolific mentor this class! Good luck this quater. Acting! Finally!

Yeah I just saw the post about a month ago on the spline doctors site, and applied, so we'll see how this goes, I'll keep you posted!

John said...


Great work dude. Your second class reel is fantastic. It's incredible how much you've improved in such a short time. I'm really excited to see what you learn from you next class.
Good job, keep up the great work.

How many classes are left?

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thank you John! Its crazy because when I animate now I am thinking about so many more things then when i used to animate before starting AM. Not that I wasn't aware of them earlier...i just wasn't studying them as in depth. I think on my own i was trying to do too much at once. Paying attention to all the principles of animation is tough. But some of them are starting to become second nature. I love it. I now make decisions to do something or not without even really trying to think about the principles...they're just becoming ingrained in me. I'm not sure if my explanation makes sense. But its all allowing me to produce better quality work each time. I am soooo happy.

4 more class including the one I am in. I know theres going to be something good waiting for me if I keep working hard. Which....I will :)

John said...

Awesome man.
Makes me want to be a part of AM.

Sheldon Kruger said...

...exactly. I am convinced its the "place" to be if you want to be a character animator. The school is loaded with so many talented mentors and students.

Mark said...

Great Site! You are off to a great start and you totally have the enthusiasm it takes to be an awesome animator. AM is THE place to learn animation for sure!

Good luck this term!


Sheldon Kruger said...

Hey I appreciate that Mark! Good luck this term too!


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