Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stewie versus the chopsticks and spicy tuna rolls.

Hellooooo Good People!!

I am here to update my progress on my Stewie vs. Chopsticks piece. This is my blocking stage. Its changed quite a bit since my earlier post on here. But thats just the creative process...sometimes you get new and better ideas the more you work on something. I am really happy with the direction this scene is heading. I am also trying a new method of blocking then what i usually do, and so far I am liking it a lot. I am hoping to make some of the transitions between poses in this piece more cartoony and super pushed. Its completely going out of my comfort zone to do that style of animation, but I have to keep pushing myself.

We had a great lecture this past week taught by Pixar animator Andrew Gordon on body poses and gestures. He animated a few may have heard of them...Ratatouille, Cars, The Incredibles, Find Nemo, Monsters Inc., Toy Story 2, and A Bugs Life....just to name a few. Thats an unreal list list of blockbusters and so impressive. The lecture he taught was loaded with awesome information. Back in summer of 2005 in Fresno, California I was lucky enough to be accepted to be on a team of 12 students to create a short film under the instruction of many great animators including Andrew. We created this short film "S-Car-Go!" in only 12 days. From only having a story idea...nothing modeled or rigged a finished rendered project. My longest day was 22 hours straight...besides taking a breaks to eat. Anyways, I knew it was on the internet somewheres, so i decided to put it up here for you to see just for fun. It was a great experience. =)

Thank you for checking out my work!...and please feel to leave comments below there. I really enjoy and appreciate them. =)

Have a good week! =)



Tal Moscovici said...

Hey Sheldon, Stewie's blocking looks great...Cool to see some of the movements you've included from your research.

I've never seen S-Car-Go in its entirety (just the clip on your demo reel). I also noticed Aaron Paetz's name in the credits; I didn't even know he was part of it. Thanks for sharin'.

Sheldon Kruger said...

Hey thanks Tal! I feel good about how this scene is coming along. I am splining it out for the next 2-3 weeks. I look forward to putting it up the final product for people to see.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sheldon! I'm more & more impressed each time i check out your blog. You're are very talented, you work hard & it shows. Keep up the fabulous & fantastic work!


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