Saturday, June 9, 2007

Smooooooth Walking

Well...another Friday night spent animating. My weekly schedule goes like this:

Animate from Sunday evening (when I get the new assignment) until Saturday afternoon about 10-14 hours a day. Its sure a good thing I enjoy it, eh?!

I take Saturday nights to see my friends, if of course I feel good about my work. Which I have been every time. I gave up so much to do this program so I am making sure I give it everything I got. I appreciate everyones support!

So up above there you can see "Ballie" doing some smooooooth walking. In my post before this you may have seen the same walk but in its blocked out form. I'm sure you'll agree it looks a little smoother now. :) Its all apart of the animation process.

This week I am blocking out another walk but with more personality to it. I think its coming together quite nicely, and lets hope my mentor thinks so too. :) I will post the blocking on here for you next week.

Below here you can see Stu in another pose looking all "concerned". Thats the feeling we were supposed to convey. As usual, I appreciate everyone stopping by to check out my progress.

Thank you!


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