Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dude Challenge 2008

So 43 guys at work are doing what is being called a "Dude Challenge". Basically we're not shaving for 5 weeks and seeing what we can carve our facial hair into. We just started this week with clean shaven faces. Some guys have specific styles they will have to grow or atleast try. But others have "freestyle", in which they will get to create their own design. I am one of those freestyle fellas, so we'll see what happens. Some guys at work are doing a blog for the challenge and will update it with weekly mugshots of our progress. At the end of the five weeks, the ladies of our department will be crowning a winner. Should be fun!!!...and scary. :)

Here's the link:


Matthew Long said...

Sweet, nice to see Garrett Shikuma another CSUF alumni got hired on at Blue Sky as well. I think your freestyle should be a beard in the shape of your dog so she can return to her rightful place on the internet. Or a really bushy lumberjack beard to represent your country.

Mark said...

Ha that's too funny! Good luck with it. Ya know what would look sweet is if you formed your beard like those spiral trees.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon!! I will be checking in on your progress, weekly. Thanks for the link! Glad to hear you are having fun at Blue Sky!!
~ Sister Cara

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thanks Sister! Yeah we'll see what happens with my face. I have never gone that long without shaving. Haha. Its also pretty cool to have so many people willing and able participate. Its a great TEAM at Blue Sky.

Matt - Yes, another CSUF alum. Yes, the bushy lumberjack beard would do my country proud. Ha ha. Thanks man. :)

Mark - Thanks man!! I hope you doing good! The link won't work for me, but idea sounds funny. :)

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