Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love it out here. :)

Hey Everyone,

Well the title of this post says it all. I am absolutely loving my time in New York so far. I am still settling into everything at work, but its going well. This past week alone was my most productive yet. I hope to finish the current shot I am working on sometime next week. I am going into work tomorrow (Sunday) to try and get even more of a jump on it because I am showing it to the directors Monday morning. This past week we had a screening of the entire movie in storyboard form and got to find out what happens in the rest of the movie. Of course I can't say anything about it, but I can say that everyone walking out of the screening was pretty energized about where this film is heading. I think its going to be really great movie, and I am so thankful to be a part of it.

Today a friend and I took the train into the city and spent the entire day in Central Park. That park is just simply AWESOME. I feel as though I could go there every weekend and just hang out. This was actually my second Saturday there in a row.

I love the look of the trees against the buildings. What makes Central Park so cool is that in some places you can't even see any buildings. You can really relax and almost forget that you are right in the middle of a huge city. Its awesome.

Below is a video of an area where there were just people dancing either in there shoes, on roller skates, or on roller blades. It was cool just to see a whole bunch of strangers just dancing in the park and having a good time. But the best part about it was the guy playing a cowbell. It pretty much made my day. :)

Playing a cowbell in Central Park, NY. from Sheldon Kruger on Vimeo.

Five raccoons just hanging on the side of tree. I thought it was a little weird.

We played a some frisbee in this massive open grass field where there were hundreds of people just relaxing, listening to music, reading, playing catch with a football, baseball, or frisbee.

Here's a picture looking up when we were crossing the road. I thought it turned out pretty cool.

I will try to update again soon. :)




Anonymous said...

Got in from the field tonight and checked for a posting. Well done and we're happy you are enjoying your work and are finding time to enjoy you new surroundings. Always good to hear from you. Dad

eortega101 said...

Awesome Sheldon! Thanks for sharing. Oh and watch out for the attacking squirrels. We got jumped by a couple a them a few weeks back. LOL

It's great to see you're enjoying yourself out there. Keep up the great work buddy.


Matthew Long said...

That raccoon photo is amazing, looks like a mother and it's little ones. Got a laugh out of you crushing the cowbell guy with your monstrous fingers. Glad to see you're able to have a life outside of the studio and you're not living under your desk. So how long does it take you to get to the city?

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hey Sheldon, haven't spoken with you since we've been together on Class 3 with Michelle.
It's great to see you managed to get into Bluesky! I envy you man, well done!

Keep in touch and good luck :)

Matthew Long said...

Hey Sheldon, how's Blue Sky going now that it's been awhile? Your skills accelerating an an extraordinary pace yet?

Wayne said...

Hey Sheldon! I was looking at different blogs and found a link to yours. Congrats on being accepted at Bluesky! That's awesome news! I'm very happy for you. :)

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