Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My animation, and Jade.

Hey Everyone,

I have been pretty busy lately and thought it was time to post some of my work in progress(WIP). I don't really have a whole lot to say about it, but my mentor was really happy with my work last week and how this assignment is coming that makes me happy. I just realized that I've never introduced this new character on here before. So I give to you "Bishop"!

By the way...the sound clip is from the movie Ghostbusters 2.

This assignment will spill over into the next class that will begin in early January. Thats when we will be taught how to animate a characters face...which is why you just saw my characters face not moving. I will have to do a little demo video in January to show you how much control we have in the face. Facial animation can get pretty complex. For example: When we smile, the corners of our mouths push up, which pushes our cheeks up, which then our cheeks push our lower eyelids up. All of this doesn't happen at the exact same time either...its a chain reaction that is so incredibly subtle. Its those types of small details that I ABSOLUTELY love to animate, and give me such a boost of energy when you get something to work right and believably.

After my last post of my reference video, I had a few very kindly placed complaints from a few people. They weren't really complaints I guess, more like "wondering why types of questions." The question was "Where's Jade?" You see, other times I have posted reference video on here, there has always been some video footage of my reference recording buddy, Jade. But last time...I didn't do it. I thought because I had recorded my reference indoors, and Jade was outdoors, would be an excuse. Nope! People didn't go for it. =)

So just for you, I went outside just 3 hours ago in the -22 degrees Celsius, -8 degrees Fahrenheit and played around with Jade for a bit. So here she is, and thank you for keeping me in line. I will never leave Jade out again. =)

Thank you for reading!



Mathias AUBRY said...

cool start for your animation! did you do the lipsync yet?

you also seem to have a lot of fun with your dog! I'm surprised you didn't try yet to animate one yet!

It was a nice snowfall in montreal too! love it! just sad that I don't have my snowboard here! :(

Sheldon Kruger said...

Hey Thanks Mathias! No lip sync yet...we start learning that next class starting in January. We'll finish this assignment up then.

Yes eventually I will have animate a quadruped. I'll have to use my dog as reference. =)

Fresh snow falls are always so beautiful for sure. We just happen to be getting one today. =)

Thanks again!

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