Monday, November 12, 2007

Its reference video time!!...ha ha.

Hello Good People!

Well, this past week for the first 3 days I did nothing but watch movies all day. I was searching for audio clips that I thought would be fun to animate too for my next assignment. I found many great lines, but I had to narrow it down to my three favourite. This week I have to narrow it down to one, which is going to be so tough. It sort of makes me sad too...not like super double duper sad...but 2 of my lines are going to be left behind and will probably never become an animation. Oh well...

With my three choices, I then had to act them out. Classmates at Animation Mentor have been telling me to quit wasting my time becoming an animator, and go become an actor...ha ha. I think I would love doing that too. I definitely plan to take some acting classes in the future after I complete Animation Mentor. As an animator it can be really helpful when trying to find the right acting choices for your character.

Hope you enjoy my reference video, and yes I know...I need a haircut. =)

Thank you!



MatthewLong said...

Haha, those are great Sheldon. Thanks for sharing, I like your video ref for the 2nd two more than the first. They are a lot more more entertaining to watch in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing the blocking stages to whichever you choose. So where's Jade?

sharla said...

hi shel, great reference video, i love it. i would love to talk to you about the vids, cool. i love it that the other guy asked about Jade, crazy.
love you chotchy, we'll chat soon, shar

~i guess i love quite a bit since i managed to put the word into every sentence of this email, oh well, love~

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thanks Matt! I agree with your comments. My mentor really liked the third one the most, so I am going with that one. I filmed my reference inside this time, and it passed through my mind that I was not putting Jade in it this time. Terrible excuse I know. I'll make up for it next week with a little clip of her. =)

Thanks Shar! I bet you were laughing at that video. I get a little cuckoo if I don't get off the farm once in a while. Terrible excuse for my cuckooness, I know. that even a word?...Ummm I'm going with no. =)

Anonymous said...

hi sheldon! i so totally enjoy stopping by yr page! and i always leave with a smile:) and hey i missed seeing jade too!!
yr work is looking realllly nice! hope to keep seeing more n more awesome work!!
and yup, I'm coming back in January:)am waitingggg to get back!! all charged up!
all the best!see ya around!:)

Sheldon Kruger said...

Ushma!! Thank you so much for your comments. I am happy to hear you are enjoying my blog. =) Thats awesome you're coming back to AM in January. Make sure you hit me up for some critiques, and I will do my best to help out. =) And yes, sorry about not putting Jade in. I'll do a special little video with her for next week. =)

Anonymous said...

Funny!!!! I watched them over and over again! I really do like the second clip, but maybe because I am watching you, with a deep voice!! I think that's what makes me laugh more than anything!

Say HI to Jade!!
~ Cara

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thanks Cara! Many people liked the second clip too. The dialogue is funny, and I think the acting was fine...but my mentor thought it really isn't much more then a guy just standing there holding a plate. I think now the dialoque may have been driving the scene a little too much, which isn't what you want. If that makes sense. Alright, I won't get technical here. Jade says "woof!" =)

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