Friday, September 21, 2007

Coming back up for air to say "I have completed class 2!!"

Hey Everyone!

This is just a short post to say class 2 for me at Animation Mentor is now history, and officially ended about 3 hours ago! I now get a week off to "relax". I have really been looking forward to having this break...but you know its only been 3 hours...and I am already back on the computer animating again. =) Whats wrong with me!!????....ha ha.

Well what I plan to casually do this next week is put together my class 2 reel for all of you to see. So please do check back for that sometime mid to late next week.

For this week off I plan to catch up with friends that live near and call ones far away.

I am so excited!! don't even understand...I just know that I am another step closer to achieving my goal of being a professional animator. So I thought I would do a little celebration video with lady Jade.

Definitely not afraid of making a fool of myself, eh?!....ha ha.

Its fall here now and I thought the yellow tree in the backyard was awesome. Its going to snow here soon which will make it tougher to film reference outside. But for those of you that know know that won't stop me...ha ha. It will probably just be more fun. :)

Thank you!


John said...

I miss the snow...
That music is awesome Sheldon. That's great that you've finished another class....seems like it went so fast. Look forward to seeing your reel for it. Good luck with your next class....I look forward to seeing what new projects you start.


Sheldon Kruger said...

Thank John! It feels so great to have another class done, but its seems like it was just yesterday that I even decided to enroll in the school.

Crazy how fast the clock is moving for me now. =)


Raynard Castillo said...

Awesome man, a few steps closer to the goal that's what its all about. Hope you get a good vacation its well deserved.

All the Best,


Sheldon Kruger said...

Thank you Raynard! :)

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