Friday, July 6, 2007

Class 2 - Body Mechanics

Hey everyone!

I have been getting back into the groove this week with my second class. I feel its going to a great class because we will eventually be getting into full body characters. We had our first Q & A on Tuesday night and met everyone in the class. My new mentors name is Brian Mendenhall. He works at Tippett Studio in Berkeley, California (near San Francisco). He did work on such movies as Charlotte's Web, Constantine, Starship Troopers 2, Hellboy. He seemed pretty easy going and cool. So it should be a great class.

This week we have to do some planning for Ballie to do a 180 degree turn. So I did some reference video today for it and narrowed it down to these 3 choices. I will be able to exaggerate them further in the computer so I think one of them should turn out pretty cool for me. I should give you some sort of here is my reference video. :)

Thank you for stopping by! :)


John said...

Cool Sheldon. Looking forward to seeing this first excercise. I like that you include your film ref. It looks nice up there.

Anxious to see more of your work.

Sheldon Kruger said...

Thanks John! I think filming reference video is a fun part. Its an excuse to be extra goofy sometimes. It is nice up here right now, todays high is 35 Celsius. So for you and my many great friends south of the border thats 95 Fahrenheit. It can get very warm in the summers, and then get VERY cold in the winters. Crazy Canada. :)

John said...

I used to live in Alaska...I like the cold. I didn't know it gets that hot up there in Canada...hopefully that's a dry heat.

Yeah vid ref is very fun...I'm not ready for anyone else to see mine though...haha.

sharla said...

hi shel, i must say, i like that jade is making cameo appearances in your homework. number 2 looks like the start of a pitch...looks good and i can't wait for this next semester! later, shar

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