Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still surviving in NY with a smile on my face.

Hey Good Peoples,

I finally received my computer a couple weeks ago, and have finally found a moment to do a quick update on my blog. Well, things are still going good at work. To be honest, I feel the last six weeks or so, I have really began to settle in more and more. Its tough to explain, but basically I feel like I am able to focus more on my animation and less time worrying about things that I can't even control. I am having fun. :) On the flip side of things. The more I settle in, the more I start to think about how sad it will be to leave Blue Sky, and all the awesome people there. But we'll save that sadness for another time. We still have a ton work to do on the film. :)

In September, some buddies and I went to the second last game ever to be played at Yankees Stadium. The Yankees beat the Orioles 1-0. It was definitely worth over paying for the worst tickets in the stadium.

Here's a video of the 7th inning stretch.

7th Inning stretch at Yankees Stadium Sept 20, 2008 from Sheldon Kruger on Vimeo.

Here's some pictures of a rainy day in Central Park. Such a awesome park! I want to go skating in the park sometime this winter.

I don't really know why I am turning my umbrella inside out. Just being a goofball. :)

One last thing. We're still doing the "Dude Challenge" at work and trying to grow beards. Thankfully we only have one week left, and then we can shave. Its getting really itchy! My photo this week...is...a little goofy. Just a warning. I'm having fun. :) www.dudechallenge.blogspot.com

I hope you've enjoy the pictures. I will TRY to give an update again soon. We are getting into a very busy time at work so my spare time will probably be used for catching up on sleep. :)




Richard Oud said...

He Sheldon.. looks like you're having a great time up there in NY! Hope you learn a lot with the great people at Blue Sky. Good luck and talk to you soon sir..

tomsaville said...

Punch LANCE in the face for me. But tell him you've always wanted to do that. He'll know what you mean.

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