Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hey Everyone,

Sorry that it's been a little while since my last post. I have been extremely busy polishing up my old assignments, entering into a 32 hour animating marathon in Los Angeles in fall (still hoping our team of three gets accepted), and at the same time keeping up with the development of my short film at Animation Mentor.

You've hopefully seen my video pitch for my story idea in my last post, and now here is whats called an 'Animatic'. I took my idea and roughly drew it out to figure out the timing. Some areas could still be shortened up a bit yet which I will do in layout, but I hope you enjoy it for now. =)

I can't wait to do video reference for all of this! Ha ha...I'll be making fool of myself yet again...and loving every moment of it. Don't worry I'll put up here. =)

Thank You for stopping by!



eortega101 said...

What's up Sheldon? I have to say this is a nice and funny idea. I'm anxious to see how you pull of the fan thing.

This will definitely be a great piece for your reel. Good luck. See you in a few months.


Chakri. said...

Hey Sheldon...How ru Mate.thanks for stepping in to my i did a ball bounce animation.....sorry..actually i did same as one of your ball bounce work.
trying to learn with your gr8 works.for some reasons i cant join Animation Mentor for now.but i will join after 1 year.
i got some small ball bouncing u usually put breakdowns for slow in and slow outs or just tweak the graph???.u can view graph of my ball bouncing in my blog.just check it out and tell me.
All the best.

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