Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sorry Mr. Clown...

Hello everyone! Well...I think I am officially losing my mind because now I am "bopping" clowns on the head. Yesterday I animated for 14 hours on this current weeks assignment...which you will see next week.

Well, what you see above is from last when we learned overlapping action. The pendulum has 4 separate joint rotations in it that allows us to create the overlapping action. It has to be just the right amount too, so its believable and has weight. The whole clown thing was something I added to just to make it more entertaining, and difficult. I can not take credit for the little eyes on the pendulum. That would be my sister Cara's idea. It was a good one.

Its was another fun week and my mentor Paul, was really pleased with my work again. He said he is happy to see me being creative with my assignments because it makes it more challenging to animate. He also mentioned its a good thing to have the drive to want to be creative.

I don't know how to not work hard at animating. Because to me...its not work at all.

Thank you.


Tal Moscovici said...

Awesome, man. The inclusion of the clown was a good idea. Oh, and Stanley Kubrick "applauds your efforts".

John said...

Yo man,

I like this appears simple to the viewer, but when you look at it frame by frame it has some nice, complex timing behind it.

I like!

Ryan Kramer said...

dude, sheldon.. i didn't know u were doing animation mentor! You're doing awesome man...these studies are great. keep up that progress.

Sal Lopez said...

Yup I agree, the stuff looks pretty sick! plus who doesn't love clowns being beat up?

Dude Sheldon CANADA VS ANAHEIM, Stanley Cup! it belongs HERE! ey...

Raynard Castillo said...

Great stuff Sheldon, you're growing so fast in animating from your excercises. Keep it up man!


Mac McCool said...

Way smooth!!!

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